Bad Breath Solutions

A number of people are embarrassed and often feel uncomfortable with bad breath. Indeed when you come into contact with a person who has bad breath you would even feel like throwing up. It is important to note that the bad smell is caused by bacteria which results from the leftover food particles that are in the mouth. For such people it is necessary that they come to terms with some bad breath solutions to take them out of this predicament. Let us take a look at some of these in detail.

One of the very first things that should come to mind is a visit to the dentist or the doctor so that your problem is resolved. Also one of the most effective of the bad breath solutions would be if you treat the common gastric disorder, tooth decay, yeast infection and gum disease.

Moreover you must endeavor to stay away from foods that contain sugar like carbonated drinks, ice cream, cakes, sweets and cookies.

One food that is beneficial is the Fenugreek tea which can surely lead to the elimination of the bad breath. This is prepared by a mixing of a teaspoon of the Fenugreek seeds to about half a liter of simmer and water for like fifteen minutes. Thereafter make sure you strain well and then drink without the addition of sugar. You would be surprised as to the effectiveness of these bad breath solutions.

There is a natural resin which is from the mastica gum known to have very powerful antiseptic properties and also reduces the production of acid in the mouth. This therefore reduces the bad breath that one has in the mouth. Moreover one can choose to rinse his or her mouth with a glass of water combined with a good mixture of half lemon juice which can also lead to the elimination of the bad smell for a fresher breath.

One can also choose to gargle with salt water in order o help in the reduction of the oral bacteria growth and multiplication. Such bad breath solutions would go a long way to enhance the odor in your mouth.

As much as possible do well to stay away from dairy products. Rather you can decide to go in for vegetables and fruits like oranges and apples. Whole grains would also be very much beneficial to your body system in general. Make sure you consume yogurts which have a positive effect of reducing the level of odor causing bacteria in the mouth. There are some who have to terms with the chewing of natural breath fresheners like mint leaves, cinnamon bark, rosemary, thyme, fennel, anise seeds, cardamom and raw parsley. This can also be effective and you can even chew slowly any of these herbs in order to increase the rate of saliva production. These are very effective bad breath solutions that you can make use of.

You should also try to hydrate your mouth every now and then. Take in as much water as possible like a minimum of eight times a day. When you have a hydrates mouth it leads to the reduction in the growth of bacteria in the mouth. For those who smoke you must make frantic efforts to stop. This is because smoking would lead to a chronic bad smell. Also the bad smell is because of the nicotine and tar that builds up in the mouth. The smoking would lead to the drying of the mouth and thus increase in bacterial growth. Ensure that you clean your tongue with a toothbrush or mouth scraper. This is because the tongue is the best place for the growth of bacteria. Make sure you implement some of these bad breath solutions for your own good.

Some even go to the extent of using hydrogen peroxide as a mouth rinse. This they normally do while brushing their teeth which leads to the elimination of the bad smell in your tongue since the tongue is the best place for bacteria to grow.

Others love to brush using the baking soda in order to reduce the production of acid that is in the mouth.

After every meal you must ensure that you brush and floss on a regular basis after taking your meals so that the food particles are effectively removed.

There is absolutely no doubt that this is a problem that could generate into halitosis which is very serious. Those who suffer from such a problem may develop very low self esteem and there could be a problem with your social life and love life.

The good thing about these bad breath solutions is the fact that these could be done at home. In order to achieve the best of good breath, one must be willing to change the diet. There is also black and green tea which contains polyphenols which would kill bacteria causing the bad breath in your mouth.

As much as possible you should stay away from cauliflower and since it has high sulphur content so that the bad breath would be eliminated. Some choose to consume the sugar-free cranberry juice which would kill the bacterial causing the bad odor.

There is a product called sage which can also be chewed in order to take out the bad odor in the mouth because it contains antibacterial oils that are very powerful.

There is also peppermint which can also be used in tea so that it influences the lungs. What then happens is that any time you breathe out; there is a sweet fragrance and smell from your mouth. This is surely one of the best bad breath solutions you would ever come across.

There is also a fennel which can be put on your tongue or even rubbed on the gum for enhanced breath.

One of the best herbs known as alfalfa has been proven time and again to be very effective in this regard. It has its main constituent as chlorophyll and can even be taken in the form of liquid or tablet but mixed with water or juice. The value of this is dependent on the fact that the chlorophyll is very effective in treating bad breath.

For those who have this problem and love protein foods, you would have to stop. Make sure you stay away from garlic and onion as these can give you a bad odor in your mouth.

These are some of the bad breath solutions you can follow on a regular basis. However for those who have the chronic halitosis, you would have to visit the dentist first for further directions.