Treatments For Bad Breath

The process of finding treatments for bad breath can sometimes be a real challenge. That is why people go to several lengths in order to accomplish this. However, when you take a look at some of the home treatments they are not really effective as people would make you believe.

Until recently many dentists would normally compound the problem for you with a lot of traditional dental hygiene solutions that really never tackled the problem at hand. Indeed these are the creation of many volatile sulphur compounds or VSC’s. That is why it is good to examine effective treatments for bad breath.

It is strange but many people seem to believe that bad breath really emanates from ones stomach. However this is not so and there are a number of causes of this situation. These causes then give rise to odor causing bacteria which then thrives n the oral cavity for the production of volatile sulphur compounds. When you have come to terms with the causes you can then offer the right kind of treatments for bad breath.

Some of the main causes of bad breath would include high protein diets, excess mucus in the throat, medications causing dry mouth, smoking, alcohol, dry mouth, post nasal drip, diabetes and hormonal changes.

It is important to state here that since the bacteria that cause bad breath are part of the digestive process, it is quite difficult to remove them entirely. Rather we can do a lot to prevent these bacteria from producing the odor causing sulphur compounds.

One of the treatments for bad breath is to coat the throat before going to bed by using oxygenating solution in order to reduce or even remove the symptoms of morning bad breath. This is because when we sleep these volatile sulphur compounds are produced because of the reduced production of saliva and this eventually lead to a dry mouth.

Therefore when you sue this coat it helps to prevent the dryness of mouth with the increase in saliva production. For those who have problems with bad breath or what is known as halitosis, make sure you put this simple treatment into practice.

It would enhance your breath for a better image and self confidence.

Of all the treatments for bad breath you would come across the best would be the maintenance of good oral hygiene. One of the first things you have to do is brushing your teeth. When you brush your teeth thoroughly after every meal by using toothpaste with fluoride it would take out all the plaque and food particles.

You can also make use of floss between your teeth. In addition there is the need to use mouthwashes that come with chlorine dioxide, zinc and antibacterial agents like cetylpyridinium chloride.

One can also choose to chew sugarless gum which goes a long way to aid in the production of saliva to reduce the intensity of the bad odor in the mouth. Indeed a dry mouth can lead to the production of more bacteria which worsens the bad breath. The saliva washes away an oral bacterium which leads to the production of properties of antibacterial. Thereafter there would an enhancement in mechanical activities for the cleansing of the mouth.

Apart from these another of the treatments for bad breath would be tongue cleaning. There is the need to ensure that you clean the surface of your tongue when brushing the teeth after every meal. When you use a tongue scraper or cleaner it would go a long way to take away the bacterial mucus, biofilm and food debris. You can decide to use an inverted teaspoon instead to clean the tongue as it is also effective.

When it comes to denture hygiene, you would have to carefully clean and soak your dentures in a solution overnight that is antibacterial. This would go a long way to eliminate all the bacteria in your mouth.

Another important issue we have to talk about in relation to the treatments for bad breath is that of your diet. There is the need to cut down on your sugar intake with respect to the diet. You should not go in for candies, mints and gums that contain sugar. This is because the bacteria in your mouth can make use of the sugar to reproduce and further increase the foul smell in your mouth. Instead you should be taking in more of vegetables like carrots and raw celery in order to keep the plaque away.

For those who are meeting very important clients or even on date, there is no reason why you should be eating garlic and onions.

Also do not be in the habit of consuming very high levels of acidic drinks or foods. Some of these would include grapefruits, tomatoes, pineapples, oranges, caffeine and decaffeinated coffee.

Make sure you take in a lot of water throughout the day. Take in a minimum of eight glasses for the day. This would keep your mouth from drying up so that bacteria cannot thrive in there.

Another of the crucial treatments for bad breath is to ensure that you practice clean living. With this there is the need to stop smoking entirely. This is because smoking can lead to a buildup of nicotine and tar on your cheeks, tongue and most importantly your teeth. What this means is that it would prevent the effective production of saliva in your mouth so that it mostly becomes dry throughout the day. This is the right environment for the growth of bacteria and eventually the development of bad breath.

All of these would go a long way to freshen up your breath throughout the day.

Moreover regular visits to the dentist would be very helpful with regards to treatments for bad breath. It should be in your plans to visit the dentists every six months for cleanings. It is also to ensure that you do not have any kind of dental or oral condition that would lead to a situation of bad breath.

Some of eventual causes of bad breath would include abscesses, periodontal disease and impacted teeth. These when noticed early by the dentist can be treated early to avoid bad breath. It is possible for the dentists to correct faulty restorations, leaking crowns and overhanging fillings which can all trap food in your mouth.

Aside all that have been mentioned, there are some other treatments for bad breath which are still effective in our times.

For instance the eating of citrus fruit would be very helpful as they are high in citric acid which is good in fighting bad odor in the mouth. The acid can also range from a number of fruits like grapefruit, lemons and oranges which go a long way to prevent the rapid growth of the bacteria that causes the odor or bad breath.

The citrusy and fruity scent would leave the mouth smelling very fresh throughout the day.

Also one can choose to chew on fennel seeds, parsley, mastic gum or cinnamon sticks which can also offer a good effect of producing more saliva in the mouth. It would also offer your mouth the best of fresh scents.

The chewing of gum that is sugarless can lead to the production of saliva which reduces the bad breath. One of the best ones that can fight the bad odor would be the cinnamon-flavored gum which is sugarless. This particular one reduces the bacteria in your mouth and offers you the best of smell.

When you use tea tree oil or peppermint it is very effective in treating this medical problem. You have to add some few drops to the toothbrush or tongue in order to freshen up your breath. Moreover it has an antibacterial property that would eliminate all bacteria in the mouth.

In addition medical experts and dentists always recommend the use of the chemical known as hydrogen peroxide. This can kill a lot of oral bacteria which causes bad breath in the mouth. Each and every day you would have to rinse your mouth with an equal mixture of water and hydrogen peroxide for some time.

However this mixture should never be swallowed. It is now one of the most effective of treatments for bad breath.

We have therefore examined some of the most effective treatments for bad breath which have indeed been tried and tested over the years. All of these would lead to the elimination of odor causing bacteria in the mouth and then bad breath.

The good thing about these treatment options is the fact that most of them can be performed at home. Also they would come with no high cost at all compared to the surgeries and operations done by the dentists.

However if after using these treatment options, the bad breath still persists, there is the need to consult a medical doctor. This is because it may be a sign of a serious medical problem which have to be looked at carefully.