What Causes Bad Breath

One of the questions that seems to baffling a lot of people especially adults is what causes bad breath.

There is absolutely no doubt about the fact that bad breath can be an uncomfortable and embarrassing problem for all. When people are talking to you sometimes want to turn your head away or constantly chewing gum in order to suppress the scent. However, this does not do one any good because of the several remedies that are available for one to choose from.

In order to come to terms with the solutions, one has to appreciate the causes of bad breath in people.

The main cause of bad breath in older people is that of anaerobic bacteria. This is a kind of bacteria that is caused by food which is left over in your mouth. Under normal circumstances, the problem would originate from the back of the mouth. Indeed another of what causes bad breath are infections and gum diseases. With these, they are irreversible and can be as a result of poor hygiene.

Generally there is an aggregation of plaque, leftover food particles and bacteria which is the underlying health state. It is important to recognize that these underlying conditions can eventually lead to conditions of kidney failure, lung infections and diabetes.

There are several things that would lead to a worsening of the bad breath in your mouth. It could be due to smoking which is because the residue and chemical of the smoke is normally left behind in your lungs and mouth.

What causes bad breath and makes it worse could be due to dry mouth which occurs as saliva naturally cleans the mouth and eventually there is a shortfall of it.

Also when there is a buildup of bacteria between the teeth and food and we eat because of the lack of brushing and flossing.

Moreover the digestion of food may lead to some odor that is released through the mouth. Then a bad digestion case coupled with constipation may lead to a worsening of the smell.

Many people do not know but onions and garlic contain particular pungent oil which is then absorbed into the bloodstream when consumed. There is then a release of food odors that are then carried to the lungs before the smell becomes evident in your breath. All of these are what causes bad breath in people.

However it would interest you to know that there are some known myths about what takes away the bad breath in adults. Some say it is mouthwash which is not true as this is just a temporary solution to the problem.

Also some think that brushing your teeth would solve it but this is also partially true. The brushing also does not eliminate all the bacteria found in your mouth.

Another temporary effect would be the mints and gums which may also worsen the breath because it contains sugar which the bacteria love to feed on.

The strange part of the issue is that bad breath also takes place in toddlers as well. Therefore it would be good to take a look at what causes bad breath in toddlers.

One of the main causes of bad breath in the toddlers is the lack of oral hygiene. Here it means that the teeth of the toddler are not being brushed properly and on a regular basis. It is quite normal that these toddlers do not like the situation of having their teeth brushed but the earlier they come to appreciate this the better it would be for them. There is the need to ensure that you keep a healthy regime for the teeth of the toddler so that it leads to the prevention of decay and some other problems related to this. For toddlers, you would have to clean their teeth two times in a day on a consistent basis so that it eliminates the bad breath from their mouths.

One issue concerning what causes bad breath in toddlers is that of finger or thumb sucking. The natural thing is for toddlers to go through finger sucking routines which eventually lead to bad breath. Indeed one of the reasons for this is that they put their fingers in the mouth for a long time.

Moreover they generally like to breathe through their mouth and not the rose rather. Under normal circumstances, a toddler who sucks the finger would most certainly use the same finger to pick up the things that are in the house. This then means the transfer of dirt and bacteria into their mouth which then leads to bad breath. Therefore make sure that you consistently clean their hands to ensure good hygiene.

The fact that toddlers also use cloths and pacifiers for extra comfort which are susceptible to getting bad breath leads to such a condition. Here the solution would be to ensure that the dummy or pacifier is very neat at all times. Make sure that the blanket or cloth is very much washed on a regular basis.

There is also the sinus and colds infection which is some examples of what causes bad breath especially in toddlers. When the toddler is having a cold, it is quite difficult to breathe through the nose and as such they breathe through the mouth. This therefore means that there would be a quick running dry of the saliva in the mouth and this eventually leads to a situation of bad breath.

It would interest you to know one of what causes bad breath in toddlers is the fact that they have thrush on their tongue or mouth. This can however be solved by parents when they gently brush their tongue regularly. Also they can seek advice from a doctor as to how to go about the problem.

There are some children who have bad breath because there have been pieces of food that are lodged in the corners of the tonsil which then leads to a situation of bad breath. Indeed the longer the time that the food particles spend there, the stronger the smell.

There are some toddlers who also experience what is known as reflux and as such bring up food they have consumed. This situation can also lead to bad breath in the children.

The fact of the matter is that when it comes to what causes bad breath, they are varied and wide. It has even been observed medically that some diseases can lead to a situation of bad breath. For instance some diseases like kidney disease, liver disease and diabetes can cause halitosis.

These are diseases that can lead to the production of foul smells that normally move around the blood in the body.

What then happens is that the odor would escape from the body through any opening it comes across like the mouth.

From all the above it suffices to say that what causes bad breath can be from natural and self-induced sources.

Therefore there is the need to properly identify the right cause of the situation before ever taking any serious measures to combat it. Those that are caused by nature can be solved by using temporary measures.