Bad Breath Remedy

Bad breath is something that a lot of people have these days. It is something that everyone would have to eventually deal with one way or the other.

The fact is that it can be really embarrassing and very much uncomfortable for those who smell it.

There are a number of causes for bad breath some of which include poor oral hygiene. This is the main cause as particles of food are always left in our teeth which must be brushed each and every day.

Some medical problems and the drinking of coffee can lead to this problem. However there is always a bad breath remedy that one can make use of.

It is important to note eliminating the bad breath with a bad breath remedy can be very simple as chewing a piece of gum. But when the problem is because of something other than the food you took in, it would take some time before you eliminate it.

Apart from the fact that there is the need to put in place proper hygiene, see the dentist regularly and scrap your tongue you would get a good bad breath remedy which would be very effective in solving your problem. Let us take a look at some of these home remedies which have been tried and tested.

There is the need to take in lots of fresh, raw fruits and vegetables while drinking vegetable and fruit juice every day. You can even take in an apple each day which would keep the bad breath away.

The raw vegetables and fruits would work as a natural toothbrush since it would take out all the stray particles which would kill the harmful bacteria. Indeed the juices from green vegetables would appear especially helpful in eliminating the bad breath. This is a very good bad breath remedy.

A tea like the Fenugreek tea has been tried and tested as very good in the curing of bad breath. With this you have to add just one teaspoon of the Fenugreek seeds to one liter of simmer and water over a low heat for like 15 minutes. The mixture must be strained and then drank like that for effectiveness.

Also you would have to look for some spices which are known to be very effective in combating bad breath. This you have to do by chewing on some anise seeds, cardamom seeds, fennel seeds and cloves after eating food which have very strong odor in the mouth. This is also a well known bad breath remedy.

Another popular bad breath remedy is parsley because of its natural freshening of your breath. You can do this by a thorough chewing of a sprig of raw parsley. Also if you like you can do a parsley mouthwash by the chopping of 3 sprigs of parsley and then adding this to like two cups of water that is boiled. This should be allowed to steep for like 15 to 20 minutes before straining it. When this cools down you must thoroughly rinse your mouth or even gargle with it. This method can also be done with the use of Eucalyptus leaves. Ensure that you rinse your mouth for like a minute or two after eating any food, smoking or drinking as this would eliminate any odor in the mouth.

This way you would avoid all the embarrassment that comes from a bad breath. Right in the comfort of your home, you can put in place these measures which would alleviate you from your problem.

If you think that some of the bad breath remedy did not work properly, there are still others you can make use of. There are some people who claim to have tried some measures like peppermint mouthwash, mints and chewing gum all to no avail.

Indeed these remedies only mask the real smell of the breath for just a short while. They would not attack the problem at the roots and would only cover up the odor.

The root cause is bacteria that are in the mouth and as such the bad breath remedy should deal with this.

One such remedy to eliminate the bacteria and thus the bad breath is to use a tongue scraper. There is no doubt about the fact that the tongue or the mouth has a lot of bacteria especially at the back. The use of a quality steel scraper would then bring all that debris forward gently. This can then be washed off the scraper easily. You would surely be surprised as to the amount of bacteria that would be seen on the scraper especially if this would be your first time. It would be very good to practice this exercise early in the morning after waking up even before you drink or eat anything. This is essentially one of the best of the bad breath remedy available.

One of things that many folks do not know is the fact that the condition known as tonsilloliths is linked with having a bad breath. It is normally known as tonsil stone and would be associated with very smelly or yellow bumps. Sometimes it could also be white and these form the tonsils.

It would interest you to know that they are usually made up of dead cells, post nasal drip, sulfur-producing bacteria, mucous and food particles that normally collect in crypts. These are also in the tonsil region that is at the back of the throat. In the end they would dislodge and are then coughed up or swallowed into the mouth. The thing about this condition is that it gives off a very bad smell whenever it is squashed between the fingers. This indeed can be a bad addition to your bad breath problems already.

Apart from the fact that one should avoid the intake of onions, garlic and dairy foods as a good bad breath remedy, you should also ensure that you brush and floss the teeth very well. This should be done for a minimum of two times a day which is the basic requirement. However for those who suffer from breath this must be a necessity. You can also choose to add the tongue scraping to this so that the mouth would be perfectly clean every time.

It is important to acknowledge the fact that there are some medical conditions that can also lead to this bad breath problem. Some of these include kidney, liver problems, sinus infections and reflux. For such people the best remedy that can be suggested would be to visit a well trained doctor who has a wide range of experience in this regard.

The best part of the bad breath remedy that is normally made available especially those here is that they can be done at home without any difficulty. With this also there is actually no cost involved at all compared to some of the medical alternatives that are suggested by some folks around.

You would be surprised to know that those who tend to visit the doctor with such problems later spend the most money because of the high fees that are normally charged day in day out. However if you would need to go to a doctor with such a medical condition as halitosis, make sure you choose the clinic or hospital carefully.
The crucial thing worthy of note is that anything that has been suggested here as a bad breath remedy is very safe to use.

You should also note that the mouth is the main entry point for almost all of the things that enter into the body so that it functions well. Moreover it is the main entry point for toxins and other harmful chemicals that end up destroying the body. For this reason a very good bad breath remedy should be one that is used in the mouth rather instead of any other part of the body. Also it should be one that has all the necessary ingredients to make it effective and powerful. It should as much as possible come with ingredients that would not in any way harm the body when ingested mistakenly.

You must ensure that you put into place all these remedies since the bad breath could come in the form of chronic halitosis or just the morning halitosis. You would regain your self esteem and confidence again.