Chronic Bad Breath

Bad breath is a disgusting and embarrassing medical problem a lot of people face. However when the situation becomes chronic then it requires some urgent attention.

This is also known as halitosis and can be as a result of bacterial respiration in the mouth. The bacteria normally flourish on the whitish residue that is on the tongue and also on the plaque of the teeth. The smell that is produced by these bacteria can be very smelly that it can turn into a disaster for your social life.

It can really turn people off from listening to you because of the bad odor that emanates from your mouth. Let us then take a closer look at chronic bad breath.

When it comes to chronic bad breath it is important to note that the cure for it is quite easy as all you need to do is maintain a basic hygiene in your mouth.

The bad thing about this condition is that the nose is not able to pick up the smell from the posterior part of the tongue and this is the main center which is neglected when washing the mouth. However when you are able to follow the simple steps to ensure the cure of chronic bad breath your life would never be the same again.

One of the first things that have to be done with respect to treating the problem is to keep the mouth very clean. You should try and inculcate the habit of brushing the teeth at least two times in a day. There should be adequate time of about four minutes spent on brushing the teeth. The cleaning should be in such a way that it is repeated in a longitudinal motion with very close attention to the obscure regions of the teeth. A perfect idea would be the use of floss when brushing so that no form of food debris would be left behind. In fact the food debris is what decomposes along with the dead cells in the mouth to lead to the odor causing bacteria. These are very essential in the removal of the chronic bad breath.

There is absolutely no doubt that the tongue is a vital part of the mouth that has to be taken care of when suffering from chronic bad breath. You should take care of the back side of the tongue especially when it comes to the removal of the white sticky layer that is on it.

Indeed there is no reason for you to be harsh since you would be risking more dead cells in the mouth. However one has to make sure he or she uses a good mouthwash coupled with toothpaste that has fluorine. When the problem still persists or does not show any sign of reduction, then it is possible that you have some psychological problems or a kind of infection in the region of the throat.

Apart from these, there is the need to make some adjustments in your diet in order to fight the chronic bad breath. For instance soft drinks and alcohol should be avoided as they are the main causes of halitosis. You should cut down on them since they breed germs in the mouth. However the intake of beverages like lemon water and green tea would go a long way to clean the mouth by killing the bacteria that causes the bad odor in your mouth.

One should cultivate the habit of washing the mouth with very clean every time just after eating.

For those who are also in to excessive smoking, there is the need to stop as this could enhance the problem further. Your mouth would be dryer which prevents the production of saliva that kills the bad breath.

As part of your diet include many vegetables and fresh fruits as much as possible. With an enhanced organic diet, your chances of getting chronic bad breath would be very much reduced.

It turns out that the main cause of chronic bad breath in the mouth is sulfu producing bacteria that dwell in various parts of the mouth especially in the tongue, tonsils and throat. The best way for you to know that you have chronic bad breath is by simply noticing how other people interact with you.

Also you would see a persistent metallic or sour taste in the back of your mouth just after eating coupled with a white coating on your tongue. Indeed the most frustrating part of the whole issue is the fact that a number of dentists would tell you that it is floss, brush and mouthwash that would be effective in treating the chronic bad breath.

It is quite strange but some studies have shown that this medical problem has a relation with the geographic layout and shape of our mouths. There are some people who are just born with mouths that are easily prone to harbor these kinds of bacteria in the mouth.

However there are others who get the great life of eating all the garlic and onions they can ever savor without any kind of worry at all. That is why the best way to solve this medical problem is to neutralize the bacteria and then make very unfriendly the oral environment they live in. In order to accomplish these there has been the development of several neutralizing products on the market.

Of all the things that has been talked about, the best way to deal with chronic bad breath is through a visit to the dentist. It is very crucial that you make appointments with the dentists at least every 6 months. This is because they are experts in ensuring that your mouth is maintained in a clean manner.

Moreover if there are any medical problems with your mouth, they can be easily diagnosed early and then offered the right treatment. You should always remember that your first impression speaks volumes about you and one vital component of this is your breath.