How To Stop Bad Breath

The best way for one to stop a problem is to identify the cause and deal with it squarely.

This is the exactly the case with the issue of bad breath. When you have come to terms with the causes, you can then find ways and means of how to stop bad breath for a better life.

It would interest you to know that there are a number of treatment options available for one to choose from. Most of them have been tried and tested and then proven over time.

Some of the causes of bad breath would include excess acidity in the blood, poor oral hygiene and dehydration of your mouth.

In order come to terms with how to stop bad breath, there is the need to consume more of fresh, raw vegetables and raw fruits. This is because these come with a high fiber content which would go a long way to keep your alkaline level and also prevent other things from being rotten in the mouth. Moreover these foods would ensure that your mouth does not get dry which is one of the reasons why people develop bad breath.

The cleaning of your mouth is one of the ways of how to stop bad breath. There is the need to brush very thoroughly for like four minutes. Aside the brushing you would have to floss. The fact of the matter is that flossing would be very helpful in removing the rotten and junk food in between the teeth. If you fail to floss, there would still be this leftover food in there which would smell leading to bad breath.

Also you must be sure to brush and scrape the tongue as far back as you can. In addition you can adopt the usage of the antiseptic mouthwash which is very powerful in the killing of bacteria in the mouth.

Furthermore one of ways of how to stop bad breath would be to use sugar-free gum which is very good. You must ensure that you go in for a nice potent gum that does not contain any sugar at all but would still make for a good and pleasant breath in the mouth.

Also it would be good in keeping your mouth filled with saliva which in turn prevents the materials from just sitting in the mouth and decaying which then leads to bad breath.

One of the best ways for you stop bad breath in the mouth would be to empty your colon. The interesting thing to note is that the colon is a very filthy overcrowded cesspool which would lead to a stinking of your breath. It is for this reason that the bad smells go through the anus, the skin and then to the mouth. When you consume more quantities of bran it would go a long way to cleanse the colon. One can also go in for an herbal laxative. In spite of everything never go in for a drug to get regular unless it is upon recommendation by a doctor. These drugs just make the colon weaker and less efficient in the removal of garbage.

When it comes to how to stop bad breath there is the need to eat foods that would make your breath smell better. You should drink teas like hibiscus, jasmine, Moroccan mint, peppermint and lemon balm would go a long way to freshen your breath. There is no need to actually add sugar since you would completely ruin the effect that has to be created. Make sure that you rather add foods like scallions, cilantro, parsley and ginger to your meals. These must not be cooked and thus consumed raw in order to restore the natural balance of the colon bacteria which then leads to a fresher breath.

In addition one should gargle with diluted hydrogen peroxide twice in a day. The hydrogen peroxide should be mixed with water and then gargle for about one minute. It is important to note that the hydrogen peroxide would get very foamy in the mouth but would help in the killing of excess bacteria that cause the bad odor. However one should not overdo this mixture by using a day lapses of two to five days. This is because too much of the hydrogen peroxide in your mouth could lead to the decomposition of the enamel on your teeth. How to stop bad breath has never been that easy.

Aside the cleaning and brushing of the teeth, there is the need to scrape the tongue. This is because the very first source of any rotten mouth is a tongue which is smothered in festering bacteria. For those who have a tongue that is fuzzy white, it means that the layer of filth would make your breath stinky. Therefore for how to stop bad breath, make sure you scrap off the white coating with the use of soft toothbrush or even a special kind of tongue scraper. The good thing about this is that they are available in all drugstores.

One thing you have to note about how to stop bad breath is the fact that it can be as easy as just the change of your toothpaste. However of the present one you are using does not work for you, there is the need to try out something else and see how well it would go. Indeed you may be surprised as to how simple and effective some of these tips would be.

You have to also note that the fact that you have a bad breath just like others does not mean that their method of treatment would also work fine for you. Therefore even if you get some cures that promise to be effective, you have to get to the root cause of the condition first. When you have determined the causes, it would then help to prescribe the right form of treatment.

Another important thing to recognize is that your bad breath may be as a result of the invasion of fungi in the mouth. That is why some experts recommend the fungi test which is very effective. In the morning your first thing would be to spit into a glass of water which should not be drank.

You must allow the water to set for the day. After this when at the end of the day there are stringy white substances in the glass, it shows that you have an infection of fungi. However most of the treatment options described above with respect to how to stop bad breath can help to eliminate this condition.